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the Kindle lending experience from a patron’s perspective “a wolf in book’s clothing”

[Kindle image by Tim Spalding, thanks Tim!] I went to a staff meeting on Friday at the local library where I sometimes work. We did some strategic planning, some walking around the building looking at stuff that could be improved, … Continue reading

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ebooks and what they call “lending” a summary

You may have read recently that Kindle has implemented a lending “feature” which could really be barely called lending. I’m not sure what it’s good for, but people have pointed out that other ereaders have lending options too. Jane over … Continue reading

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stupid rules and when to break them: Netflix

I am a big fan of mild civil disobedience when it comes to some of the rules we have to deal with when operating a public library. There’s often a balance between being full protectors of copyright and providing optimal … Continue reading

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To every reader their … ebook?

Peter Hirtle looks into licensing and whether libraries can legally lend e-book readers on the LibraryLaw blog.

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libraries help you save money/energy/the world

As we move more towards digital forms of information in libraries, I’m always interested in watching the “libraries as places that lend stuff” role evolve. We’ve seen tool libraries and toy libraries. Seattle Public Library used to lend reprints of … Continue reading

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