ebooks and what they call “lending” a summary

You may have read recently that Kindle has implemented a lending “feature” which could really be barely called lending. I’m not sure what it’s good for, but people have pointed out that other ereaders have lending options too. Jane over at Dear Author, a romance review blog I had not previously read, compares the different e-reader lending features. [via]

One thought on “ebooks and what they call “lending” a summary

  1. I had high hopes for the Sony Readers and am super annoyed that the Reader Library (proprietary to Sony) bypasses Adobe Digital Editions. There are ways around this, but makes it annoying for users trying to check out library materials.

    I’m mostly a big Kobo fan, but the Nook is pretty good as well.

    Wait, I’m not sure I even care about eReaders. zzz.

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