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Fair! Google Books case dismissed.

Karen Coyle has done an excellent write up of this so I will refer you there. The full impact of this ruling is impossible (for me) to predict, but there are many among us who are breathing a great sigh … Continue reading

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Morris Cohen – spitfire legal librarian, RIP

I first became aware of Morris Cohen because he has the same name as my grandfather only spelled slightly differently. We exchanged emails a few times and I finally met him at Yale when I was in town for the … Continue reading

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What happens in a copyright dispute on YouTube?

One the the benefits of my free agent status is that I can occasionally push the envelope on certain rules in a spirit of “see what happens” realizing that some small town in Vermont won’t be bankrupted if I get … Continue reading

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What is up with the Google Books settlement?

I’m as confused as you are about the Google Books settlement. I’ve found a few analyses helpful. Principles and Recommendations for the Google Book Search Settlement by my friend James Grimmelmann ARL’s 23 page document A Guide for the Perplexed: … Continue reading

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why search, and search engine law, matters

My friend, lawyer and law professor James Grimmelmann, has written a short interesting article called The Google Dilemma about why people should care very much about how search engines work and what regulations and laws guide them. Using a few … Continue reading

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