iphone apps for librarians

I rarely post others’ lists, this is an exception. I have an iphone that isn’t a phone per se, but I can load applications on it and carry it around with me and pretend I have important business to attend to. Kenley Neufeld made a nice post a ways back about top 10 iphone applications for librarians. What do you have on yours? What should I have on mine?

DC Public Library catalog accessible via iPhone app

Aaron posts about an alternative catalog interface that DC Public Library has created for the iPhone and iPod touch. Nice looking, and with the code “available soon” hopefully replicable by other libraries using SirsiDynix. Go download it and test it out.

not my iphone…

librarian.net on the iphone

…but thought you might like to see this anyhow. This is how my website looks on an iPhone. Their browser is really interesting looking. I hung out with Casey today as he waited to get an iPhone. As you know, I live in Vermont where they’re not for sale and can’t be activated. Hello digital divide, my old friend.