iphone apps for librarians

I rarely post others’ lists, this is an exception. I have an iphone that isn’t a phone per se, but I can load applications on it and carry it around with me and pretend I have important business to attend to. Kenley Neufeld made a nice post a ways back about top 10 iphone applications for librarians. What do you have on yours? What should I have on mine?

4 thoughts on “iphone apps for librarians

  1. apart from the apps kenley mentions i have the following apps on my iPhone that might be top/interesting apps for librarians:
    – amazon’s kindle app
    – librarian (for fun, gives my nancy pearl librarian action figure a voice cause it starts shushing once a certain audio level has been reached)
    – DCPLS’s iPhone app
    – google mobile for easy access to google reader, google earth, tasks, …
    – MobileFiles for easy access to the files on my iDisk
    – skype
    – SnapTell: take photos of items (e.g. cover of a CD) and search for them
    – shazam: record a song you hear playing but don’t know the title and/or artist – shazam will come up with it and provide links for buying/downloading the song
    – not an app but very easy to use on an iPhone: google books

  2. Those are nice. I also use LinkedIn, iBlogger (for beyond WordPress blogging), a couple Chinese language dictionary programs, and Units for various area/distance/volume/etc conversions. I prefer Twitterfon to Tweetie, but it does not really matter.

    As to the Google mobile menitoned by fabienne above, along with other Google apps – I would like to play with them but they are not available in the Hong Kong App store so I don’t have access to them. :(


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