not my iphone… on the iphone

…but thought you might like to see this anyhow. This is how my website looks on an iPhone. Their browser is really interesting looking. I hung out with Casey today as he waited to get an iPhone. As you know, I live in Vermont where they’re not for sale and can’t be activated. Hello digital divide, my old friend.

10 thoughts on “not my iphone…

  1. They’re not for sale because Cingular/AT&T doesn’t have service in VT technically. I mean I can get service with my Cingular phone but you can’t get an 802 number through them.

  2. I have the same issue as Jessamyn. Cingular isn’t available in Alaska either. Not that I’d pay $500 for a cell phone.

    But I *am* impressed that your page is actually readable on *any* cell phone!

  3. I want one of these iPhones so badly! At the very least, I’ll settle for looking up my blog on someone else’s. Very cool.

  4. They aren’t available for sale in the Dakotas or most of Minnesota either. So much for th hype . . .

  5. In all fairness to the digital divide, go read the reports of the Cingular Edge service on the iphone… wretched.

    Less populous areas can’t use GSM (which is what AT&T is on) but rather use CDMA for cell phones. CDMA allows the towers to be farther apart and provides *much* faster download speeds for data. So… blame Apple and AT&T for locking up the iPhone for the next five years, but rural states have superior cellular broadband.

  6. Don’t you know, you never buy anything when it first comes out. You wait to work out all the glitches!!!

  7. The $599 price tag is digital divide enough for me. Then again, I still can’t afford an iPod. I do have an iShuffle, but on the Good Ship Lollypop of 21st Century Technofetishism, that’s steerage.

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