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a fable in five ims

my im friend (2:49): so i went to [Vermont public library] .. and was like.. you teach computer classes? my im friend 2:49 : and theyre like YOU NEED TO COME BACK WHEN THE HEAD LIBRARIAN IS HERE my im … Continue reading

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MassAnswers, a 24/7 ref project, answers my question sort of

Again, I say I feel odd commenting on the work of other librarians, so I’ll let this one mostly speak for itself. I had a friend who works in Boston who had a reference question “How many pre-1900 cemeteries are … Continue reading

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IM me. IM me?

I tried to go swimming at the pool this weekend and went through a long comedy of errors trying to figure out when the pool and/or the school that I swim at was open on Easter Sunday. The Vermont Technical … Continue reading

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del.icio.us pasta

I know you know about del.icio.us. However, you may not know about Pasta. Every now and again I have something I would like to link to here but it lacks a web component. Sometimes it’s an email, sometimes it’s an … Continue reading

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am I online?

Thanks to Library Web Chic, I now have a little indicator next to my IM link that shows if I’m available on IM or not. Green = yes, grey = no. Nifty.

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