a fable in five ims

my im friend (2:49): so i went to [Vermont public library] .. and was like.. you teach computer classes?
my im friend 2:49 : and theyre like YOU NEED TO COME BACK WHEN THE HEAD LIBRARIAN IS HERE
my im friend 2:49 : and im like no no.. i was just wondering if i could volunteer to help out with them
my im friend 2:49 : and theyre like WE HAVE SOMEONE <repeat DEFAULT LIBRARIAN IS HERE PHRASE>
my im friend 2:50 : so im like.. ooooookay .. and left

You can learn a lot about people by what they take away from this story.

4 thoughts on “a fable in five ims

  1. OK, I’ll bite.

    Seems to me the person at the desk should know whether they have computer classes. It turns out from the next response that he or she does know that they do have someone to teach computer classes, but that he or she didn’t feel like saying that the first time.

    And for the second response, the person at the desk could have said, “We have someone right now, but we can always use more. Let me take your name and pass it on to the librarian.”

    What else do people get out of this story? That the person at the desk acted perfectly reasonably?

  2. Well, my feeling is that there are a few ways to look at this interaction, but the two typical ones would be

    1. “man that’s bad customer service on the part of the library” or

    2. “that guy can’t even spell, why would he be a good computer teacher? The library said they were all set, what’s the problem?” or some variant.

  3. Would anyone not go with #1? I mean, I’m not always the best at customer service, but if it were me, even if I was pretty sure we were all set, I’d at least take the guy’s name.

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