do you ubuntu?

Check me out, I made a little video with me in it and I’m putting it here.

I installed Ubuntu on two of the donated PCs at my library yesterday. It took less than an hour. In fact, if I hadn’t been making the little movie at the same time [with my laptop and my little Canon digital Elph; I don't have a video camera] it would have taken me even less time. Ubuntu comes bundled with a lot of the popular Open Source software titles like OpenOffice, Gimp and Firefox. The Calef Library has two Windows PCs already so if people need specific software that doesn’t run on Ubuntu, they can use those. I’d like to get them a Mac as well and then they can be the only library (to my knowledge) that is triple platform in the entire state of Vermont.

Note: I have not connected these machines to the Internet or the printer yet, so I’m sure there may be pitfalls waiting for me along the way, but I think that would be true no matter what platform I was using. Ubuntu is free. My install process went like this: download and burn the Ubuntu disk image to a CD. Turn on the computer with the Ubuntu CD in the CD drive. The computer boots Ubuntu from the CD. You have the option to run it this way or install it to the hard drive. You have the option to install it on a partition (and keep Windows also) or just erase the drive and install Ubuntu as the only operating system. You restart the machine and it runs Ubuntu and it Just Works. For the Ubuntu curious (I just like saying ubuntu over and over ubuntu ubuntu ubuntu…) you might enjoy this website How to install ANYTHING in Ubuntu. If you’re just Linux curious, you might enjoy this article on how Howard County migrated more than 200 PCs to Linux, and this was in 2004. Hope you like the little movie. Please drop a note in the comments if you’re using Ubuntu at your library.

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  1. cresmer Says:

    You are my hero.

  2. Silus Grok Says:

    Hi, Jessamyn!

    A typo in the first sentance makes it unclear whether you _installed_ or _uninstalled_ Ubuntu.

    I’m guessing _installed_ … but you never know.

    : )

  3. jessamyn Says:

    Thanks Silus, fixed it!

  4. Courtney Says:

    Thanks so much. Love it!

  5. joshua m. neff Says:

    I love the video, and I’m in awe of a public library having both Windows and Ubuntu available.

    In my own use of Ubuntu, I’ve never had a problem connecting to the internet. Even wifi was easy (although I got my card by asking for help on the Ubuntu forums and buying a recommended card, rather than getting a card first and trying to figure out how to get it to work).

  6. Rafe Says:

    Nice production values! Well done.

  7. acro Says:

    MarkPilgrim’s Ubuntu Essentials post was helpful for a recent install (tips how to get the non-default codecs, flash, etc. done quickly).

  8. Lindsay Says:

    Hey, is that the Michot Brothers playing in the video??

  9. Scot Colford Says:

    Hey that was a fantastic video! I want to install Ubuntu at a tiny library now. And if you want to learn to screencast, I hear there was an excellent program at the Mass Library Assn conference last week. Oh wait, you were there … and you missed it! ;-)

  10. Richard Ahlquist Says:

    I haven’t watched the video yet but let me say it is very refreshing to see someone embrace something different and free, rather than let those machines waste away. Kudos!

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  12. Amy Says:

    Nifty. Was that Michael Doucet/Beausoleil on the soundtrack?

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  14. jessamyn Says:

    Yeah the song is the Eunice Two-Step by Beausoleil.

  15. Joslin Says:

    I love OpenOffice–very cool! I tell my students about it all the time. Great little video!

  16. Tyler Says:

    Definitely a good idea to check out which sorts of wireless cards are best before trying to connect to wi-fi… I really struggled with this part of the setup.

  17. Lee Schlesinger Says:

    Nice work – thanks for taking the time to make the video.

  18. Andrew Says:

    Did you create the video on a Ubuntu machine? What did you use? Did you like it? I haven’t found a video editor I like for Linux yet….

  19. Justin Watt Says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think this video could have effects beyond Washington, VT. Nothing like a dead simple and entertaining demo to demystify “exotic” technology. The zydeco helps too.

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    [...] Bonus: This morning a co-worker pointed out GreenDimes. It’s a service that will do the work for you to get your name off junk mail lists, to reduce the amount that makes it to your mailbox, and then they also have a tree planted for you monthly. Neat. Plus: I’ve been a long-time fan of Jessamyn but must admit, I haven’t gotten over to lately. But she was boing-boinged today for making a video about how to install Ubuntu – on some machines that were donated to her library. So awesome. And yes, I do Ubuntu too. And: Poor Galadriel is looking more like a zombie queen than an elf queen. I don’t think all shall love her, but we might just despair. [...]

  23. James Says:

    ugh, ubuntu linux. congratulations on your awesome trend following.

  24. Andrew Says:

    Hey Jessamyn! CitrusFreak12 here. Loved the video! You are my favorite internet folk-hero!

  25. Kendra Says:

    Hi weapons of massdistration- Thanks for mentioning GreenDimes in your comment! We really appreciate your taking the time to tell others about the service.

  26. Sam Chupp Says:

    What a very cool video! Maybe if I play it for some of the more wrongheaded of folks in my office, they will change their minds a bit more about Linux.

    Thank you for making it!

  27. Ken Buck Says:

    While I am no fan of Ubuntu/Kubuntu, all I can say is “great job”!. Not only have you helped out your library, but you have also helped out the Linux community. Ubuntu does have good community
    support, with their user forum and wiki.

  28. james m Says:

    Great idea, and the vid was put together nicely, too.

    Unfortunately the pic they used on boing boing makes it look like someone is goosing you. :P


  29. Cameron Says:

    Great video! You should burn about 10 extra cds and give em out if anyone shows an interest.

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  31. Kurt von Finck Says:


    Too late. We at Canonical have found Jessamyn’s video, and we’re sending a few hundred officially pressed CDs to our friends in Vermont’s libraries. :)

    And if anyone wants officially pressed CDs, just hit and we’ll send you some for free.

    The video is quite popular at the Ubuntu Developer’s Summit this week, and we wanted to say “thanks” for making us smile.

    Rock on, Jessamyn! Ubuntu loves you!

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  33. me Says:

    Writing as a software engineer who recently married a librarian, I’ve believed for years that geeks and librarians are just different clans in the same tribe. Rock On.

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  36. NickFera Says:

    Mrs. West, do you use Ubuntu in your laptop? If not, why?

  37. paolo Says:

    Great video!!! ;-)

  38. LinuxUser Says:

    Congratulations for choosing freedom by using Linux.
    You will discover that is is much less messy (no virus, no spyware, more robust and secure) than windows, so it wont be any problem to connect these machines to the internet.
    There is also have free (as in freedom, although it is also costless) software you can use to manage your library:
    Regards from a spaniard Linux user

  39. marlene Says:

    Hey, it seems to be much easier than downloading an audio book from Overdrive ;-)

  40. weirdwilly Says:

    will you marry me? you probably won’t but i thought i’d ask anyway. thanks for a cool video. yes, i do the ubuntu and a few others as well. love ‘em.

    note to self: visit the library more often.

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  43. m1k3 Says:


  44. MKR Says:

    Applications->Add/Remove Programs. Search for “Frozen Bubble”.

    People will flock to the library just to play. :)

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  47. Darren Says:

    Jessamyn, I love your multimedia

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  49. Carlos Wertheman Says:

    It’s a real good job. Congrats.

    Are you Still have troubles with internet conection?


  50. RedOscar Says:

    Jessamyn, great job on the video. It should be an inspiration to a lot of future Ubuntu users. I started using Linux in 2003 and haven’t looked back. I use Ubuntu on my Acer laptop, and it works great. Just remember, there are lots of other great Linux distributions.

    As a librarian, you will want to read Glyn Moody’s “Rebel Code” which gives a good account of the birth of the open source movement. Plus check out the documentary film “Revolution OS” by J.T.S. Moore available on DVD. Keep up the good work.


  51. Mr Everybody Says:

    Nice O.S., unless happens that some piece of your hardware is non-linuxfriendly,especially modems

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  53. TomHung Says:

    Great video. Ubuntu / Linux is also great on Kiosks. ISLUG (out LUG) has installed kiosks in a coffee shop and local bar.. umm beer!
    Keep up the good work.

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  55. NiKo Says:

    You simply kick asses, I’m in love :)

  56. WildBill Says:

    Great job Jessamyn! Love seeing stories like this – it warms the cockles of my heart (whatever cockles are).

    FYI, I’m one of the authors of O’Reilly’s _Ubuntu Hacks_ book – if you’ve got Ubuntu questions you should pull it off your shelf there at the library (it *is* on your shelf, right?) and flip thru it. :)

  57. Bittersweet Says:

    Ubuntu is pretty good isn’t it.
    However, you may want to check that any things you would want to attach will work.

    Flip through here:

    I found out the hard way that the printer I have at my parent’s house doesn’t work with *any* linux.
    Ah well, que sera sera.

  58. jc Says:

    So is there a way to lock down these ubuntu boxes without using a kiosk load? Specifically can you auto purge the browser history, clear OO files, and prevent unwanted activities (e.g DL .exe, install software, etc).

    Last time I played with linux for public PCs there was no tool similar to policy editor/shared toolkit for locking and purging the machines after ever patron use, something I find essential for privacy.

  59. conz Says:

    You asked about screen-casting?

    Check this out:

    Use it to make videos of your desktop.

    Great for training others.

    It’s open source and free.


  60. Phil Says:

    Excellent video. Congrats on giving Ubuntu a try. It gets even better. Wait until you discover all of the software, including a growing number of educational titles you can put on those PC’s.
    I have been using Ubuntu for about a week and think this may the first Linux distribution I leave on the family PC.

  61. Shawn Romine Says:

    awesome video! More! More!

    Shawn Romine
    Library Computer Support Tech
    Douglas County Library System
    1409 NE Diamond Lake Blvd.
    Roseburg, OR 97470
    541-440-4228 phone
    541-957-7798 fax

  62. zagboodle Says:

    That was awesome! Long live open-source, libraries, and librarians!

  63. Says:

    [...] » do you ubuntu? – I installed Ubuntu on two of the donated PCs at my library yesterday. It took less than an hour. In fact, if I hadnât been making the little movie at the same time it would have taken me even less time. 9. May 2007, 17:32 o’clock [...]

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  65. Shane Says:


    More power to you! Thank you for the great video and for showing all the nay-sayers how its done.


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  68. Theo Jaspers Says:

    Well done !

    here a howto to get the perfect ubuntu desktop:

  69. Heather Says:

    How are the patrons liking using Ubuntu stations? We’re contemplating looking into suggesting it for our system libraries and we’re curious what the feedback has been from the patrons in this library. Thanks!

  70. Carol Mulliganing o Says:

    After reading your post about installing the PCs in the library I went and downloaded Ubuntu on a spare laptop. I did a clean install. I love it! It’s on the Internet now. I haven’t messed much with the printing yet.

  71. Tavis Says:

    Congratulations for entering the wonderful world of free and open source software.

    I have Kubuntu installed on all of my school library PCs (and an old iMac).

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  73. SarcasticSmarmyGuy Says:

    Wow! It only took you ten seconds to start up Open Office!? :-)

    Listen, you get what you pay for. I tried using Ubuntu Linux for about two months and found it to be clunky and slow: Firefox was a dog and OpenOffice was unusable; Gnome was unresponsive. Reinstalling Windows was a breath of fresh air. My current setup is: a Windows machine for everyday browsing, email, and Office applications and a Linux machine for the occasional Linux-only application. I also use a Mac laptop because it makes me look cool in public, and believe me I need all the help I can get :-)

    Another point I’d like to make. People often make a big deal about how easy it is to install Linux and how much software it comes with. The fact is that the vast majority of computer users will never install an OS in their lives; their computers come with an OS installed. And much of the time their computers come with all the other stuff you need installed as well (Office, etc.). And, I positively garantee that you’ll never use close to half of the stuff that came installed on your Ubuntu install. These facts make the mere hour you spent installing look kind-of wasteful. Think of the things you could have done with that hour! :-)

    This is not to say that I don’t understand or sympathize with all the cool counter-culture reasons to run Linux and stick it to Microsoft. But, just like the Mac commercials that imply Mac’s are somehow immune to Viruses and incompatibility problems, a public disservice is done when you tout advantages that really aren’t there.

    Thanks for giving me the forum to get this stuff off my chest. :-)

  74. Roy Schestowitz Says:

    Well done! Thanks for the video.

  75. Alan Pope Says:

    Great video!

    Mark Shuttleworth played this video to the developers at the end of the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Sevilla, Spain today. It was received very well.


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  77. Mike Cretella Says:

    You are Heroic.

    Bring this idea to other local librarians! The library is all about freedom of information, and that’s what Linux and Ubuntu are about!

  78. Bruce Says:

    Great video!

    Now use “System > Administration > Synapic” to install “ubuntu-restricted-extras” flash player, java, more fonts and some multimedia stuff.

    Best of luck with Ubuntu!

  79. Joel Carter Says:

    Also try other live distributions, PCLinuxOS, Mepis etc. Love the video!

  80. dfowensby Says:

    prepare to get Slashdotted. i thot you worthy!

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  82. Helene Blowers Says:

    J – Finally got around to watching the video. You seriously rock!!!

  83. Kent West Says:

    Greetings to Mrs. West from Mr. West :-) (no relation)

    This video is great; wonderful viral advertising for Ubuntu.

    Another way to install GNU/Linux, albeit Debian rather than Ubuntu (although Ubuntu is Debian-based), is to point your Windows web browser to and click on the Debian icon. The process sets up a dual-boot, walks you through the partitioning of your drive, and downloads what’s needed from the ‘net and installs it, all without having to burn and boot from a CD.

    Again, thanks for the video! Lotta fun!

  84. ubuntu open space Says:

    Thanks, Jessamyn!
    great -nice-happy video!

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    [...] For those who haven’t seen it yet, Jessamyn at has a video of her installing Ubuntu Linux onto three computers at a small library. This comes fast on the news from last week that Dell will be offering Ubuntu as an alternative Operating System to Windows Vista. After years of quietly percolating in the background, Linux is finally catching on in the popular imagination as an alternative to the ham fisted monopoly of Microsoft and I couldn’t be happier. That it’s Ubuntu that is making the noise is even better. It makes me almost want to buy a PC just to help the cause. Maybe I can convince my parents to switch? That might be a nifty little series, following the procedures, from talking my parent sinto the switch all the way through the install process… hmm, yes… [...]

  87. sam Says:

    Just connect them up to the Internet with nework cards which are usaly always supported, I bet the windows machines are connected to a rooter some ware and ae on the net because of that, I recon you shoud network up the printer too so all machines can use the printer.

  88. sam Says:

    Don’t for get to Find the Ubuntu fourms too get help that you may need, have alook around the net.

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  90. moreno Says:

    Jessamyn you rock my world!
    cheers from Brazil

    great Beausoleil

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    [...] Jessamyn, do, filmou a experiência de instalar Ubuntu em 3 computadores que foram doados sem sistema operacional. Cai muito bem no Brasil. [...]

  92. al Says:

    Great video! I’m looking to try ubuntu on Dell starts selling hardware with ubuntu preinstalled.

  93. Elwyn Jenkins Says:

    Great little video. What about making a video of people learning the new system.

  94. Shaun Holt Says:

    Well Done – Kudos – Check out the koha project.


  95. Vermont’s Librarian | Tiago Boldt Sousa Says:

    [...] Jessamyn West, a librarian from Vermont has made an awesome video on installing Ubuntu. [...]

  96. SilverWave Says:

    Great – looks like you had a lot of fun.

    I wonder if this kind of thing will force MS into letting non-profits install a MS OS (for free)…
    Not holding my breath ;) …although it would be the smart thing to do.

  97. James Says:

    SarcasticSmarmyGuy: If Ubuntu was slow and unresponsive for you, you’ve got an older machine. Xubuntu works great on those. ;-)
    Ubuntu does have higher system requirements than Windows XP. It’s also newer. It’s also a ton lighter than Vista.
    I’m not entirely sure what advantages she talked about which weren’t there. Ubuntu is free, it comes with a lotta software, and installing it took less time than it would to have gotten an equivalent Windows XP system with all the fixings up and running. (Yeah, the boxes already had 2000 on them, but they may have been donated on the condition that the computer be wiped; a fairly common and not unreasonable request, actually.)

    All in all, this was a pretty great video. Good job, Jessamyn.

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  99. NeilG Says:


    Love your little video :^)

    Love your little dance at the end even more… Joy.

    SarcasticSmarmyGuy: You have no idea what it’s like having to use donated equipment. “You get what you pay for”. Quite.

    Go girl.

  100. Working with VT Library too Says:

    Loved the Video
    Other FOSS software to try:
    Ubuntu Studio
    Dan’s Guardian
    very gool GPL ILS software being used in the whole state of Georgia – VT needs to do this too.
    also GPL ILS software to look at…

  101. Sven Richter Says:

    Cute little Video, i like the part where you
    dont accept the EULA, really cool.

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Ubuntu :-)

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  105. Rebecca Says:

    You might also be interested in this site – – which gives a quiz to help choose which distro may be the best fit for you. It returns 2-4 possibilities, and is fairly accurate!

    I hope lots and lots of people see your video. This is great!

  106. Mubashir Cheema Says:

    For screencast on Ubuntu try xvidcap. The web page for xvidcap is here:

    Towards the bottom of the page there are a couple of short training screencast videos.

    The download for Ubuntu is here:

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  109. Open Souce is the way to go... Says:

    See this link:
    Has interesting information about using open source filtering tools.
    Of course by using proxy servers over the internet, and remote management tools, then access and filtering, and system administration for small public libraries can be centrally managed in one location for the benefit of many small libraries that don’t have the budget to go it alone. The Open Source Software model makes this flexible and leaves room in budgets for smaller libraries and larger libraries to team up to solve common problems (without hurting the budgets of either large or small, if the philosophy and tech understanding at all levels is “dialed-in” to a proper course of action that is long term). Note that many “local” historical clubs are trying to digitally document local history and are using proprietary tools to do this (and some local libraries are being used as sites to store the data). If they choose a software product that locks them into where for the next 200 years they MUST use this choice of products, then they might find that this is not the best solution. The Open Document Format model (ODF) is one that these groups should be using (as then their choice of vendor is not important, because they can move their data between software products seemlessly and quickly). The mistake is choosing the “lock-in” software solution, as then you are no longer independent. See:

  110. Adam Says:

    In the video, you showed the username was “library” and the pass was “library.” Although you probably don’t get many people wanting to take down library computers, what do you intend to do about people doing “sudo” commands in the Ubuntu terminal?

    sudo rm -r /*

    wouldn’t turn out too well.

  111. Larry Keyes Says:

    Hi….quick suggestion, you may also want to check out the education version of Ubuntu, (if you haven’t already), called Edubuntu. It is modified to include extra math and science software. It usually is issued very shortly after the “base” Ubuntu is released.

  112. jessamyn Says:

    Thanks adam and others. I’ll be changing the password before we put the machine on the live internet.

  113. Adam Says:

    If you know the password of the user to login, you’ll be able to use sudo to get root-level power over the computer. If you use sudo before a command, it’ll ask for the password of that user, so I would consider a solution that involves having the users not know what the password is at all, that way you completely block the ability to delete protected files and directories :)

    By the way, I totally loved the video!

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  116. Antônio Says:

    To much fun! :P
    Keep it up, you are setting standards in how public services must have initiative!

    Here in Brazil we say: “knowledge makes the time, does not wait to happen”

    PS. Marry me?!?!!?
    I promise I’ll learn english! :P

  117. taylor2nd Says:

    haha. Way too go *thumbs up*

  118. FreeSoftNews » Blog Archive » Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #40 Says:

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  120. Chris Turner Says:

    Jessamyn, Quite a watershed event for libraries and linux, and well documented as well, the music was an especially nice touch, and the editing was great.


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  122. Punctuation Says:

    Very nicely done video. Not sure whether or not you realise this but your You Tube video is fast becoming a popular “this is why you should use Ubuntu” meme. Well done.

  123. Ubuntu in 10 Minutes « Random Mind Says:

    [...] Ubuntu in 10 Minutes May 20th, 2007 Here’s a beautiful little video done by Vermont librarian Jessamyn West to show people how easy it is to install Ubuntu on a couple of old, donated computers. Ubuntu is a free open source linux-based operating system, and it’s great for schools & non-profits. [...]

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    [...] These are witchy times for Microsoft. Windows Vista, which was years in development, is an underwhelming, ridiculously expensive, resource-hogging, bug-ridden, crash-prone lump of crap. Internet Explorer is still losing market share to Mozilla. Ubuntu, the current star of the Linux universe, is getting rave reviews, and will soon be available pre-installed on new Dell PC’s. Hell, even A-List library bloggers are making videos to guide laymen through Ubuntu installs and conversions. [...]

  125. Northern Grep - The blog of Shaun Holt » Do you Ubuntu? Says:

    [...] Here is a charming little clip of a pro-active librarian, Jessamyn West. Every library should have a Jessamyn and I have added her site to my blogroll. Ubuntu is an excellent linux distro suitable for all levels of computer knowledge. Recycled PCs may be made useful again at almost zero cost. Ubuntu has been around for over three years now but there are still many people unaware of it. When you use or see Linux every day it is easy to forget that other people still haven’t heard of it. This video shows how straightforward linux is to install (compared to the old days) and the amount of free (open source) software that is included in a standard setup. I liked the deep south, American folk music too! [...]

  126. Oleg K. Says:

    Just wanted to chime in…

    Your video is AWESOME!
    I’m still smiling.

    Thank you!

  127. Chris mankey Says:

    “ugh, ubuntu linux. congratulations on your awesome trend following. ”

    Congratulations on being a cynical and moronic curmudgeon!:-)

  128. Chris mankey Says:

    “Firefox was a dog and OpenOffice was unusable”

    Did you get the reaction you were fishing for? Firefox is a dog? Only if you’re a moron!

  129. » The Good Life. Says:

    [...] do you ubuntu? [...]

  130. Eric Klemm Says:

    This is outstanding! I installed Ubuntu in fall of 2006 on an old machine and then on two more in the spring of ’07. I have been extremely impressed. The potential of this OS becoming the standard for libraries and schools is fantastic.

  131. Patrick Hall Says:

    This is a great video!

    (Whence didst thou hooketh up yon Cajun soundtrack?)

  132. Matt Austin Says:

    Re: preventing “sudo” commands…

    Maybe you could enable automatic login, and then you would not have to provide a username / password to people… and therefore they would not be able to run “sudo” commands which would harm the system?

    You can enable automatic login by going to System -> Administration -> Login Window

    Select the Security tab, and tick “Enable Timed Login”, and select a user.

    I’m not an expert – so maybe someone else could confirm that this would be a good alternative to providing the username / password to people?

  133. » Supreme Court of Georgia Names LexisNexis Publisher of Official Reports Says:

    [...] We’ve started putting up useful or fun YouTube videos, one a day, to demonstrate the significant noninfringing use of the service. Also because we’re having fun. At first, I was putting them in News Picks, but this one is too great not to put right here. It’s a librarian in Vermont, USA, who installs Ubuntu on two rickety old donated computers in less than an hour and then shows Ubuntu off. The computers didn’t come with valid licenses to any operating system, so she tried Ubuntu. As you will see, she is impressed at all the applications that come with it, including OpenOffice, and she shows you how to save an OpenOffice document as Microsoft Word format. Here’s the Ogg version of her video. If you would like to do the same, and she does make it look fun, here are some instructions she posted afterwards, but as you will see in the video, Ubuntu does the ubuntuing without much input from you. You can even ask and they’ll send you a free CD in the mail of Ubuntu, Edubuntu, or Kubuntu, if you don’t want to burn your own. I use Kubuntu myself. Edubuntu is for schools. If you are a business, this page about applications tested to run on Ubuntu and where support is available will interest you. But Ubuntu, as they say, is and always be free of charge: Ubuntu is and always will be free of charge. You do not pay any licensing fees. You can download, use and share Ubuntu with your friends, family, school or business for absolutely nothing. We issue a new desktop and server release every six months. That means you’ll always have the the latest and greatest applications that the open source world has to offer. [...]

  134. Darius Australia Says:

    This is a very creative video! I think I will install Ubuntu on my computer now :-)

  135. bambit Says:

    Hello Jessamyn! Fantastic video there, will be linking it on my blog in a few minutes. I’m camped out by my 3-year-old daughter’s pc installing Ubuntu, as she has no trouble finding her way around my laptop which is also on Ubuntu. Now if I can just convince my husband to switch to Ubuntu on his PC as well …

  136. » Blog Archive » It’s easy to implement Open Source Software Says:

    [...] The usual suspects of course: Jessamyn West. Learn how to Pimp your Firefox. Watch a video on installing Ubuntu. Make friends with Wikipedia. [...]

  137. LITA Blog » Blog Archive » Meredith Farkas’ Top Technology Trends Says:

    [...] But it’s clear to me that many people still think open source is something for serious techies, given the awe-struck media frenzy that followed Jessamyn West’s video showing her installing Ubuntu on some computers in a rural library. Many of these operating systems are getting easier to install and hardware manufacturers are getting much more cooperative in designing hardware that will work with many open source operating systems. But even if you’re not installing Ubuntu or Mandriva, there are many free or open source applications that have the same functionality as the desktop applications your library paid a small fortune to license. I use PDF Creator instead of Adobe Acrobat. I use Audacity to record sound I use GimpShop instead of PhotoShop (which is not nearly as fully-featured, but good for small jobs). I typed these trends in Open Office, and I find that, for the basic tasks most people do, it’s just as easy to use as the Microsoft Office tools. In some cases, open source applications are far better than the commercial ones. Especially for cash-strapped libraries, it’s crazy to keep spending money on expensive licenses for commercial desktop software without at least considering the open source alternatives. None of these take a “techie” to install or learn how to use. [...]

  138. argh Says:

    CAn you get that Ubuntu version to work of the CD. as in live-CD?

  139. Don Ray Says:

    Did you use software on Linux to produce the video?

  140. jessamyn Says:

    Did you use software on Linux to produce the video?

    @argh: yes

    @ Don Ray: nope, baby steps here.

  141. Brouehaha » Blog Archive » Ubuntu@Library Says:

    [...] Jessamyn est une bibliothécaire qui vient de recevoir en don, 3 ordinateurs mais ceux-ci sont sans système d’exploitation. Elle a donc installé Ubuntu, un système d’exploitation libre de droit et gratuit afin de faire fonctionner son matériel. De plus, elle a concocté un beau petit vidéo pour illustrer le tout. C’est en anglais.  [...]

  142. Tony P Says:

    We use Ubuntu on our public computers in the State Library. It’s solved a host of problems for us, keeps everyone happy.

    We even made image CD’s of the Ubuntu install and gave them to the librarian. Now if one gets messed up they just boot it from the first CD and type NUKE at the prompt. 20 minutes later they’ve got the full install ready to go.

  143. Ubuntme (part 1) « life in oleg Says:

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    [...] There’s a kid in town who seems like a budding geek, or at any rate a potential budding geek.  He said to me one day, “I’ve learned more from 15 minutes of talking to our sys admin than I have in 5 years of computer classes.”  Earlier this summer I showed him Jessamyn’s Ubuntu video, and he got interested, so I downloaded it for him and he brought in a CD so he could burn a copy and play around with it on one of his old PCs.  He now routinely comes in and talks to me about partitions and other stuff about which I am totally clueless.  Awhile ago he asked for “some books about computers.”  I couldn’t determine from the reference interview exactly what that meant, so I got him one about website building, one reference book, and one copy of Beginning Programming for Dummies (translation: the three books in the system that were less than five years old–I admit that we have no books on Ruby on Rails–but we also don’t have much demand).  He’s gotten very interested in the programming book.  I’m going to recommend The Cuckoo’s Egg for one of the books he has to read for English this year, and perhaps some Neal Stephenson.  What else should I point him to, either educationally or recreationally? [...]

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  151. funny videos Says:

    ubuntu is a great all in one operating system i love it! i swear by it! ditch windows! install ubuntu!

  152. Losing Sleep / Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) Says:

    [...] really had a chance to mess around with it nor do I have a computer to install it on. Reading about Ubuntu installations in libraries also piqued my interest. I did burn a live CD of 6.06 Power PC (for Mac hardware) and booted up my [...]

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  155. Mander Says:

    Found your library-ubuntu install video “out there” as I was doing some research of my own for my Ubuntu system. I went open source in August after thinking about it for a year or so and have been very happy with the results *and* my own learning process. Very pleased that your results are equally positive.

    My first computer was an iMac running 8.6, which was upgraded to OSX along with some extra memory. It really ran fine for basic surfing and document creation, although anyone running a graphic-heavy program would be unhappy. I’d be more than happy to bring it up to Vermont (hey neighbor!) and then you CAN be a triple-platform library. My husband attended Goddard College for a Master’s program and we live over in NYS, by Oneonta.

    It’s a genuine proposal and I hope you’ll think about it (email was registered with this post)

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  157.   Ubuntu 2007: The Year in Review by bored and blogging Says:

    [...] Probably the most widely discussed video of the year belongs to a librarian. At Calef Library, in Washington, Vermont, Jessamyn Charity West, created a video of installing Ubuntu on donated computers. Since the computers came with no licenses for Windows, Jessamyn records the process of burning an ISO of Ubuntu and overwriting Windows. On camera, she demonstrates how Ubuntu is instantly useful to library users since it comes with OpenOffice and Gaim pre-installed. See the video at [...]

  158. The Linux Index » Nick Ali: Ubuntu 2007: The Year in Review Says:

    [...] Probably the most widely discussed video of the year belongs to a librarian. At Calef Library, in Washington, Vermont, Jessamyn Charity West, created a video of installing Ubuntu on donated computers. Since the computers came with no licenses for Windows, Jessamyn records the process of burning an ISO of Ubuntu and overwriting Windows. On camera, she demonstrates how Ubuntu is instantly useful to library users since it comes with OpenOffice and Gaim pre-installed. See the video at [...]

  159. Nate Says:

    Very nice.

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