OCLC Top 1000 on del.icio.us

OCLC, in the quest for total brand domination, has taken their OCLC Top 1000 to del.icio.us. While I applaud their use of social tools, this fills up the feed of the toread tag (which I’ve often used to see what other people have on their reading list) with OCLC WorldCat entries. Of course this happened last month so no harm no foul, but I’ve always liked del.icio.us because it was full of humans sharing links to content, not vendors pushing links to products. [web4lib]

2 thoughts on “OCLC Top 1000 on del.icio.us

  1. Yeah, not sure I see the point here, and the unconventional use of the “toread” tag borders on spam.

  2. Next thing you know OCLC will have claimed to have invented tags and then you will have to pay a fee just to add tags to a link.

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