OSLC: Ten Things to Do to Your Computer Today

Presented by Don Yarman & Jim Mann. Online at www.oplin.org/presentations/tenthings.ppt

This was a nice “how to” discussion which had matter-of-fact advice about keeping your Windows machines current. It’s rare to see these go smoothly without a lot of “Why is Microsoft so BAD?!” talk, this was very value neutral and very well-received.

The best thing I learned: how to change nag messages telling you about updates/firewall/virus protection

baseline: updates, firewall, anitvirus, spyware removal. details vary
for: windows pc with internet connections
suggested sites: Windows Secrets, How to keep your PC spyware and malware free for nothing

meta information: ConsumerSearch.com
firewall: Microsoft Firewall info, ZoneAlarm if you don’t have XP
antivirus: Avast, AVG Free, House Call (free online scanner) and SysClean (triage computer fixing)
adware: “one program is not enough” SpyWare Sweeper, Spyware Doctor. Free: MS Windows Defender Ad-Aware

They discussed the difference between upgrading and updating and problems that are associated with each one.

You will be amazed how many of your programs want to communicate with the Internet. PowerPoint communicates with the Internet.” How do you decide? “Google it and find out what other people are saying about it. We’re all good reference librarians.”

Know where to get help: Google, WebJunction, Vendor sites, Microsoft, Join a user group
The road less travelled: Firefox, Open Office, Gmail, Apple, Linux [Linspire/Ubuntu]
buy twice as much of everything: RAM, hard drives, wireless, new monitor, upgraded software, have a test/throw away computer (tigerdirect.com)
update: operating system, firewall rules, antivirus definitions, adware definitions
book suggestion: How to Expand and Upgrade your PC

Hello from the Ohio Small Libraries Conference

Hi from Columbus Ohio. The Ohio Library Council IT division has their own blog and you can read a bit about the conference there. If you look around at some of the other blogs the contributers from that blog also post to, you’ll find great stuff like Library Geek Woes and the Spotlight on Ohio Libraries blog. My two talks are here:

The Information Poor & the Information Don’t Care, Small Libraries and the Digital Divide (a slightly updated version of my favorite talk)
Until We’re All Robots: Sensible Approaches to Technology in Libraries (a more philosophical talk that I’m afraid wasn’t as accessible as I thought it would be)

Tomorrow I’m sitting in on a few talks as well as participating in the closing summary session, Then I’m getting a late flight to the airport and arriving home at midnight, after most of the Sampson family has already arrived for the graduation festivities. My family and Greg’s sister get in on Friday. You can see the bug I found in my shower on Flickr here. Other than that, I’m having a pretty nice time.

Ohio Small Libraries Conference May 17-18

I’m on the road again next week to give a few technology-related presentations at the Ohio Small Libraries Conference. If anyone reading this is attending, please come up and say hello. There are a really neat set of talks at this conference and I’m particularly hoping to see 10 Things You Need to Do to Your Computer Today to see if there is anything I can bring back to all of my microlibraries.