copyright programming at ALA Annual in New Orleans

ALA’s Office for Technology Policy has their programmming for ALA Annual in New Orleans scheduled already. If you have a particular love of copyright issues, you may want to go to some of these events.

Best Practices in Digital Reference: Copyright, Licensing, and Privacy Guidelines (Linda Arret)
Sunday, June 25 8-10am

The Long Tail: The Internet, Culture, and the Mega-Store (Nancy Kranich)
Monday, June 26 10:30-12noon

Copyright 101: Everything You Wanted to Know about Copyright But Were Afraid to Ask (CAC, CAN, COL-IP)
Monday, June 26 1:30-3:30

Ray Patterson Copyright Award and Reception (CAN, CAC, OITP)
Monday, June 26 4-5:30pm

ACRL’s Copyright Program: Copyrights and Licensing Wrongs (as an FYI)
Sunday, June 25 10:30-12noon