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I’m in New Orleans and arrived safe and sound depsite the same travel problems that everyone else seemed to have. I’m in the Council information session listening to Leslie Burger talk about (I might say “defend”) her Library Corps idea which I have mentioned before in these pages. It was interesting to see some people’s responses to it, and her responses to them. I should be blogging for the PLA Blog on and off over the next few days.

3 thoughts on “See you at the PLA Blog

  1. Well it was only to Council and I think people were more predisposed to agree with her because she’s their incoming president. I also think that Council skews towards the older more expereinced librarians who feel less threatened by this in the first place. So, it’s hard to say. I think she got more of her points across which I think is a good idea since she’s going to be moving forward with this. However I think there is still a bit of a gap between how she envisions this program [for shorter term consultant type stuff] and people’s worst case scenario where the Library Corps has workers that replace what would be new staff positions that could be taken by new grads.

  2. Pedantry alert: not all more experienced librarians are older. Love, your 30-year-old librarian with 6.5 years’ experience (heaven help me).

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