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“web services” doesn’t mean just getting a better website

Karen Coombs explains why web services isn’t just about a better website and also explains what some of the sacred cows are that keep library websites from being better. [M]eeting your users where they are isn’t about making them come…

making change stick @ your library

“[C]hange doesn’t really scare me, I am more afraid of being bored or useless.” Karen Coombs talks sensibly on how to really effectively promote technological changes at your library.


The How to Lose Your Techie Librarians memes have gotten a lot more traction than people talking about Library 2.0, mainly because we don’t have to discuss whether techie librarians exist or not. They do, we do, and we’re all…

two bloggers check in post-Rita

Two librarian bloggers post to say they’re doing okay in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita. Glad you’re okay Karen [Library Web Chic] and David [Catalogablog].