The Darien Statements on the Library and Librarians

I missed the summit type thing on the future of libraries in Darien a few weeks back so I’m really enjoying getting to read the work product from that meeting. I think sometimes our profession suffers from a lack of focus, though that may just be me talking about my own shortcomings. In any case, please read and comment The Darien Statements on the Library and Librarians

Go Darien Library!

I talk a lot about things that work for small libraries with little or no tech staff and almost no budget. Sometimes it’s good to remember that larger libraries with crack staff and bigger budgets can, if they’re lucky, achieve really great things. The Darien Library website/OPAC went live this morning. Go play around with it. I daresay it’s fun. A few more comments from John Blyberg on his blog. Nice job team!

Library Camp East, 2006 – join me!

Newest on my “list of librarians on IM who I bug a lot” is John Blyberg (I know, I am slow on the uptake) who I haven’t met and in fact had never seen until this past conference. This will all change at Library Camp East, coming in on the tail end of the Virgo Month of Leisure, on Septemebr 25th in Darien Connecticut. It’s an unconference which means that anti-authoritarian — and broke — dorks like me will probably appreciate it. I’m just hoping I can carpool with both Meredith and Casey. Here’s the wiki. sign up and I’ll see you there.