bibliomulas = book mules

If you don’t read Kevin Kelly’s blogs you might like them. They are great combinations of gadgetry and sensible living. In the upcoming book A Day in the Life: Career Options in Library & Information Science one of the people who writes about her job is Kevin Kelly’s librarian. The most recent post I’ve enjoyed on the Street Use blog is this one about mules used in Venezuela to bring books into mountain villages. A little more about this program is on the BBC website. [thanks mark!]


Hey, what do you call a male librarian? It’s sort of a joke but sort of not and the answer is either “librarian, duh” or “guybrarian” depending if you’re a feminist, or have been reading the New York Times, or just don’t get the question. I find this sideways swipe at the femaleness of the profession ever so slightly annoying, but it’s been fun to see some people take the silly name and run with it including this episode of Shelf Check which namechecks me and this episode of Penny Arcade.