ACLU: Internet content filters, not for governments to decide

“Government imposed censorship is very different from censorship imposed by a parent.”
“Internet content filtering does in fact have flaws… It overblocks.”

Thanks to Sarah for the heads up and kudos for the ACLU using your research. I find that numbers, not emotional appeals are what are going to really help make the case against governmentally-mandated filters. Here’s hoping.

3 comments for “ACLU: Internet content filters, not for governments to decide

  1. 17Feb09 at 9:05

    The ACLU already lost on this issue in US v. ALA in 2003 in the US Supreme Court.

  2. 17Feb09 at 9:15

    They seemed to do pretty well in the COPPA case. You of all people should know that nothing is permanent in the world of jurisprudence. Currently, libraries that do not receive federal funding do not need to filter. There’s a lot of ground for working on this issue.

  3. 19Feb09 at 12:30

    Ironical, our public library leadership in Cambridge Massachusetts is in the advance in some areas of intellectual freedom but backwards in others, for example restricting access with a deflecting circuitous reference desk service for public city government documents. We need more librarians on the front lines of library services who’re knowledgeable about information policies.

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