what a super conference!

I’m getting a little R&R in after a busy day bustling around the OLA Superconference. This is my first time at this conference and I’ve really been enjoying myself. I did a variation on a talk I’ve given: Smart, Tiny Tech. As always, the slides and notes are online along with links to the things I was talking about.

I made a sort of personal resolution for 2009 to write new talks for every event I’ll be speaking at. I talk about similar things often, but I want to be a little more cognizant of my audience — showing off a 2.0 “border wait times” mobile app was fun today, for example — and a little less “Oh here’s Jessamyn with her digital divide talking points again…” Today’s talk was fun and the audience was interesting and interactive.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned lately how much I love being in Canada and talking to Canadian librarians. Today I got to have lunch with the lovely and talented Amanda Etches-Johnson and the talented and lovely John Fink. I had to miss a talk by John Miedema because it was at the same time as my talk — along with maybe 15 other presentations — but I did manage to see some of John Fink’s talk about Evergreen. Hoping to run into Walt around someplace, but I’ve been a little behind on planning since out I was out sick a lot of last week.

I’ve also enjoyed just being in the big city now that I’m healthy again. I’ve already stopped in at Toronto Public Library and asked them for help finding this museum which, alas, appears to have been closed for some time, cursed internet! Tomorrow evening there’s a librarian get together (C’est What, 6:30 pm) and then there’s a MetaFilter meetup on Saturday night (Bedford at 7 pm). If you happen to see me wandering around looking slackjawed at all the big buildings, please do say hello.

6 thoughts on “what a super conference!

  1. Hooray! Thanks for putting up with my drooling!

  2. it was awesome to finally get a chance to hang! looking forward to more of the same at CiL :)

  3. And for those keeping score (since I still have 318 posts to scan and may not even get a little summary post done today): Jessamyn (and Amanda) did run into me–and my energy improved just enough on Friday, after doing my first talk, that I did join them (and 10 or so others) at C’est What. And it was fun.

  4. As things turned out, I could not make this conference. Hopefully catch you all another day.

  5. I wasn’t there, but thank you for sharing this – very interesting! Now I’ve moved to Canada – rural Alberta even, it’s exceedingly difficult to get to sexy cool cons like I used to so I have to live vicariously through posts and links like this!

    Thank you!

  6. Did you forget to tag this with “canada”? :o)

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