5 thoughts on “…also talked about a record for a penis.

  1. Best non sequitur “what the hell” thing to show up on any of my feeds since I got a google homepage. Thanks for sharing this one, despite the censorship.

  2. Body parts certainly cause a great deal of discomfort for school libraries. I looked at our copy just to educate myself, and I’m really not sure what the objection is. While there is a photograph of the record-breaking breast implants, they are covered; and the astonishing penis is only given a few lines of text.

    Were those necessary inclusions? Perhaps not, but they also aren’t out of place on a page with extreme tattoos, piercings and a mutated waistline.

  3. I just did a “wtf” when I read they tore the page out? No wonder so many kids grow up “messed up” if the grown ups around them can’t even handle something like the largest genitalia. As if they did not when they were that age go into the dictionary to look up the “naughty” words. Did their adults start using black marker for certain words also? This is the kind of stuff that makes me wonder about public schools (and makes me glad we do a lot of supplementing at home for our daughter. And by the way, she has read the Guinness Book a few times. She is doing fine).

  4. technically, it is the record for a penis extension, achieved by implants and physiotherapy.
    I think it is a pretty non-controversial page, not likely to spur kids to engage in physiotherapy.

  5. Seems to me that plenty of boys have penises and/or know what they are. At least they will remember something from their elementary school library. My girlfriends and I used to look at my mom’s nursing textbook and giggle.

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