home for the summer

And I’m home for the summer. Well except for ALA. This long weekend I went down to RILA and gave a talk, one of my favorites, about social software and intellectual freedom and privacy. Then I got to see my family, all of them, and then I went to a Connecticut Library Consortium meeting and talked about 2.0 stuff. Notes from that talk are here. I had a great dinner with some of the usual suspects which was a fun chance to swap brilliant ideas about out future perfect library world. Driving home from Hartford was like going back in time. First the tall buildings recede, then the roads get darker, then the billboards go away and finally I’m alone on the highway on a hot steamy night listening to a shrinking number of radio stations. It was a good trip. Thanks to everyone who hosted and helped and graciously listened to me.

One of my goals for the summer is to get over my user interface design issues with WordPress and start spending more time putting interesting things on librarian.net. I will probably ask MetaFilter for a nice way to interact with WordPress that is not directly via their [overbusy, overscrolling] form. If anyone has suggestions, please feel free to let me know.

2 thoughts on “home for the summer

  1. Let us know, please, what you end up doing about the WP admin screens. I tried the Fluency Admin plugin, which I thought was visually appealing but really no more functional than the default. I just now tried Tiger Administration which looked promising from the screenshots but was totally non-functional with my current setup (I had to disable CSS just to find the “plugins” link to deactivate it). It’s likely my setup that is blame, and not the plugin, so you might want to give that one a shot.

  2. Scribefire gives you wp-admin independence, and MarsEdit is a nice OS X app.

    Course, neither replace your clever use of the del.icio.us addme tag.

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