Library 2.0 - links & resources

Jessamyn West --
09jun08, New Britain CT

What do Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 actually mean? We've been working in this "2.0" environment for several years now. Now that we know what some of the applications are let's take a look at how libraries are integrating them into their service delivery. This talk will discuss ways that libraries have been using new technologies, and also some old tech, to reach and interact with patrons in new ways. We'll also discuss the privacy issues that are emerging around the use of social software. It's all about ideas, examples, and links, links, links.

Examples From the talk, in rough order
Pace Library - "Get a Public Library Card"
Cook Memorial Library, Tamworth NH
University of Vermont catalog - search for Brautigan
long ugly link
Resources from CLA ADA
Woodbridge Town Library Blog
Connecticut Library Jobs (nice URL!)
Lamson Library catalog Search at Plymouth State
YacPAC - Cutest OPAC ever
Facebook groups
Awesome Resources
Petition against the Manchester Community College pay-for-print policy
Librarians & Facebook
LoC in Second Life
Southern Connecticut State IM reference
LibX - Firefox extension for libraries
LibX specific plug-in for RPI Hartford
UConn Libraries Staff Wiki
Nancy Keane's booktalks
William Webb blog
What's new at CT State Library
Library Lines from the Ridgefield Library
CTUPA Wiki - question of the month
lis.dom usability testing on the cheap!
CT State Web Accessibility policy
Web Accessibility slides - Middletown Library Service Center
Evergreen Pines project
Slow Reading - Slow Library
Plymouth catalog - Barthelme entry
Helene Blowers Original Learning 2.0 List
The library 2.0 concept - further reading
Why 2.0 exists and why it matters
Library 2.0 Debased
Library Journal on Library 2.0 (many examples)
Top 10 No-Brainers For Public libraries
Many of these examples came from the Library Success Wiki. Add your own success stories!