Vermont Library Association conference this Tue/Wed

I’ll be heading up to Burlington for the Vermont Library Conference both to attend and to present. I’ll be giving a talk on how I got the VLA website up and running with WordPress and Meredith and I will be presenting a Top Tech Trends talk on Wednesday. Both talks are at 1:45 if you happen to already be in the area. I’m looking forward to schmoozing with some of my favorite librarians and just generally immersing myself in Vermont library culture. Please say hi if you’re in the area.

3 thoughts on “Vermont Library Association conference this Tue/Wed

  1. Since you did the web work for them, and it looks really good by the way, please explain why a comment I added to a VLA blog was removed. Thank you.

  2. I don’t know, Dan. My guess is it was caught in an overzealous spam filter. The comments are moderated and I’m not sure what the moderation policy is there.

  3. Wonderful talks @ VLA. Thank you for, once again, sharing your engaging and humorous presenting style with the VT library community. I enjoy hearing your reminders about being “where the patrons” are and engaging them wherever they happen to be technology-wise.

    Thanks for reminding me about metafilter — and encouraging us all to check it out.

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