My CiL Talk/Slides/Handout

I’m on my way to give my talk in one of the giant ballrooms. For anyone who wants to follow along at home or in the back of the room, here are the links you’ll want.

Update: Talk went great. I spoke to about 200 or so people and almost all my demos worked! I went to go sit down and catch up on email and I ran into Jesse Andrews who is the guy behind (greasemonkey script repository mentioned in my talk) and BookBurro (very cool, check it out). He’s speaking tomorrow late afternoon, if you get a chance to see him, you should.

4 thoughts on “My CiL Talk/Slides/Handout

  1. Jessamyn, sorry I didn’t connect with you F2F but heard you were great. And it was wonderful to hear that Andy Carvin learned about CIL from your twitter peep over the weekend. He mentioned it in his keynote today too!

  2. Thanks for your slides (and I like the layout, I’ve been using Eric Meyer’s s5 – but I’ll have alook at yours. The only drawback with both is that now I’ve discovered Slideshare – and it doesn’t take HTML based slides.)

    I was surprised, though, that you’d not included Zotero as an add on for Firefox, I’ve found it really useful.
    (I also like the Athens Toolbar, but that’s UK centric, so not as useful for those outside the UK.)

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