MetaFilter: Going where the users are

My article on MetaFilter, the community website that I moderate, is now up on the Library Journal website. Here’s the post on MetaFilter about it. I’m not the only liblogger who has written for them lately; Dorothea discusses being taken aback by the draconian terms of their author contract and has advice for potential LJ writers about how to negotiate the best deal to the rights of their own articles.

One thought on “MetaFilter: Going where the users are

  1. “The trick is making sure that librarians are some of the people they know.”

    aha! Indeedy. Almost every forum, group, community I’ve ever been involved with has asked a question that needed a librarian to answer it, no matter whether the group was music or figure skating.

    I was going to join MeFi a long while back, back in the days when I spent too much time at kuro5hin and plastic (whatever happened to those!) but then there was the new member freeze and then the new member charge. But your article may have convinced me to shell out the cash.

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