cautionary OPAC tale

You know how gamers like to sometimes memorize button sequences that will enable them to get out of tricky situations or basically cheat? Well, let’s try to figure out how to recreate the code that caused this Sirsi ILS to automatedly order one copy of everything. Anyone from PSU in the house?

On the day of the time change to daylight savings time earlier this month, an unknown someone at my library went to change the time in our Workflows system. Somehow this action triggered a sequence of events in the program that led from point A to point B, the latter point being that the system emailed out to the vendors an order for every item that had ever been ordered by any branch of our library since May of 2001. We are talking about millions and millions of items ordered overnight. Some orders to large vendors, like Yankee, consisted of tens of thousands of items.

3 thoughts on “cautionary OPAC tale

  1. If I had not read this in (and if I did not work at a library that uses SIRSI), I would think this was an urban legend…

  2. I’m the sysadmin for a Unicorn system (Workflows is the staff client for Unicorn, a SirsiDynix product) and I am very, very skeptical.

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