Happy Birthday librarian.net

I swear I am not any sort of counterculture stoner type, but I did start this website on 4/20/99, so happy seventh birthday librarian.net! This site has gone through three content management systems [roll your own, Movable Type and WordPress] and two ISP hosts [eskimo.com and ibiblio] and two registrars [Network Solutions and Gandi]. Three of the six links from my first day’s posts are broken, and one doesn’t go where it used to go. In fact, the word “librarian” combined with any of the TLDs in this country (com, biz, gov, mil, org, info, edu, net, coop, museum, name) doesn’t go anywhere, except at this site. So, if I can indulge in a little shameless self-promotion, because I’m sort of pleased with myself, here are a few milestones.

And then a weird thing happens… all my entries from September 2003 on are all in WordPress. I imported the Movable Type entries when I moved, and so there is an odd sameness to the rest of my posts, even though things have clearly happeend and I have remained your trusty correspondent through thick and thin. It’s not the same thing, browsing a month’s worth of entries from three years ago when they don’t look any different from today’s entries.

One of the reasons I was so resistant to getting a CMS for this site, and my personal site is because I’m not a coder, so the features of the software would be the features of me, of my website, until I changed CMSes again. Open source apps like WordPress mean that people can design freebie plugins and modifications that change it up somewhat, but for most people, the things a blog can do exist because someone else thought that would be a good idea. I’ve always been the person that walks into the department store looking for a specific item and will be just as likely to walk right out if they don’t have it, not get the best example of Item X that is in stock. In the same way, we can talk all we want about the features and failings of our OPACs, but how many of the things that we want them to do do they actually DO? My short list was always 1) I want to turn the book cover option off 2) I want fifty results per page 3) I want to limit my search to DVDs that are on the shelf in less than five minutes and 4) I want the OPAC to know about ILL, to know my email address and to know how to change my preferred communications system with the library.

But librarianship, more than many other professions, is about big dreams and unfulfilled desires, and navigating the aisles between the shiny and the dull. Here’s to another seven years, and more.

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15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday librarian.net

  1. Congratulations Jessamyn.

    You are one of my blogging heroes and inspirations. I’ll miss you when you are not on Council, but I do understand that Council is not for everyone. I hope I’ll still get to see you in person from time to time!

  2. I wasn’t present at the creation, but I saw this place in its infancy, back when I was just out of college and thinking I should maybe be a librarian. Librarian.net — and the places it led me to — convinced me that being a librarian was a smart and worthwhile choice. Thanks for giving me a push when I needed it, and for continuing to dedicate energy into being interesting, relevant, and thought-provoking.

    Happy Birthday!

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  4. Congratulations Jessamyn and thanks for the inspiration on the www2.libraryassociation.ie site (and for the gmail invitation …)

    Brendan, Dublin, Ireland

  5. Oh geez! What shameless self-promotion that was! ;)

    Just kidding…

    Congratulations Jessamyn! It’s so great to see the progression of your blog over the past seven (!) years. You’ve really been an inspiration to many bloggers who’ve come after. Thanks!

  6. Happy 7th birthday, librarian.net! You know, I realized after reading this post that I started reading librarian.net back in 1999, and it was definitely my inspiration to start blogging. Not to mention the fact that it provided a healthy dose of fun and sanity through library school. Thanks, Jessamyn!

  7. Congratulations.

    Not only are you one of the first, and so an inspiration (or kick in the pants) for many others who came later, but one of the best.

    It was a great pleasure to met and visit with you at ALA.

  8. Congratulations! Seven years is a lot of work, almost Biblical. I hope you get as much joy from writing as we get from reading.

  9. Happy birthday! I can’t claim to have been there at the beginning, but I was in library school back in ’99, and I distinctly remember reading librarian.net while working on my MLS. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Oh how lovely! Happy, happy birthday librarian.net – thanks for the memories…

    Here’s to dreaming big, dusting off the dull, and much rampant rarin’ in the years to come!

  11. Happy anniversary Jessamyn! Some of those events seem like they happened yesterday… well, yesterday in “internet time” maybe :-)

    Here’s to the next 2555 days of rarin’ posts!

  12. A very happy birthday from a latecomer, both to the congratulations comment stream and the blogging scene–late but no less sincere.

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