sometimes the news is all good

I’ve had a hectic weekend preparing for TLA and a few short trips after that. In the next three months my partner is turning 30, graduating from law school, and prepping for and taking the Vermont Bar exam. We are also probably moving. My job ends in September. My partner is looking for work.

But, on the library front here, I just heard from the librarian at the library-without-a-bathroom, Roxbury Free Library. They will be getting DSL this week to use with their Gates Computer. I helped with that. I also had a student last week who brought me flowers for helping him get online and email his elected representative. Every librarian or library worker should be so fortunate to have a note like this gracing their cubicle wall.

2 thoughts on “sometimes the news is all good

  1. Give Greg my best wishes on the bar. Glad to see things are going well for you and the note was fantastic.

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