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book earrings – how to

“Oh Jessamyn, you are such a fashion plate, I am sure you must know how to make some of those styling book earrings that every hip librarian is wearing lately, don’t you?” “Well no, but a wiki can show you … Continue reading

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the most unusual books of the world

In wiki format: http://mywiki.ws/The_Most_Unusual_Books_of_the_World. update: there was a gross image on the top of that page for a while which is the way of wikis sometimes. Someone alerted me to it (and here via comments) and said I should remove … Continue reading

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ALA Conference Wiki collecting ALA2006 stories

The conference wiki has a good round-up of people’s New Orleans reports, both bloggish and more wrap-up type stuff. If you have a conference story, please add a link on the Stories, Reports page. [thanks rick]

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the transparencies of wikis

Wikis are great because you can see how people’s presentations of ideas shift and change. The ground rules page of the ALA wiki is fascinating. Watch the tone change from this version, to this version, to the current version. I … Continue reading

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ala official conference wiki, yes you heard me

In the credit where credit is due department. Meredith Farkas informs us that ALA is taking some ownership and offering some branding (and I’m not sure what else, clearly not server space) to the ALA Conference wiki which has become … Continue reading

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