3 thoughts on “the transparencies of wikis

  1. I have an idea but I am not sure. The keynote speaker is Madeline Albright who some vocal members of ALA have a problem with. When Colin Powell was keynoting, back in 1999 I think, there was talk of a boycott and some protesting that happened at the conference. This was bad PR, though ultimately not a huge deal. When the labor strike was going on at San Francisco hotels, there was talk of boycotting the conference or specific hotels that were engaged in unfair labor practices. This was mostly resolved but not to everyone’s satisfaction.

    So, I assume that this is ALA saying “well we are giving the official nod to this site” (though not hosting it or publicizing it, I would note) so please do not use this space to actively solicit people to do economic harm to our organization. As I said, that’s just a guess. The grat thing about the wiki, of course, is that the ground rules can change. I hope that this will be a grand cluetrian moment for ALA but I am not holding my breath.

  2. Over on the LISNews thread, Walt Crawford suggested it might concern over jeopardizing nonprofit status by seeming to endorse proscripted political activities.

    His suggestion, not mine…

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