the most unusual books of the world

In wiki format: update: there was a gross image on the top of that page for a while which is the way of wikis sometimes. Someone alerted me to it (and here via comments) and said I should remove my link. Instead, I went in and cleaned up the wiki which has better long-term and wide-reaching results. Sorry folks, especially if this was your first goatse (safe link, I swear it!).[slowreading]

8 thoughts on “the most unusual books of the world

  1. Jessamyn,

    Please take down the link for this page; it has a really gross image on the page that someone put in there. I’m SURE it doesn’t belong!


  2. I just read your comments, and checked the site. I didn’t see anything offensive. Has it been corrected?

  3. Oh that “first goatse” group on flickr is hilarious — thanks for the introduction to that!

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