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I like the community bookcase idea

A friend sent this link to a community bookcase with more explanation here (Google translated). I’ve seen these in a few places including my local laundromat. They seem to tend to come to equilibrium with a hapless collection of religious … Continue reading

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give OCLC some feedback?

I’ve been following the OCLC policy change stuff from the position of a vaguely interested observer. My local public libraries aren’t members and aren’t affected terribly much, but of course I think the policy changes are a step in the … Continue reading

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why you can’t google a library book

The Guardian has a long article about what the mechanisms are that keep local library catalogs form being effectively spidered and Googleable. They dip into the complicated area that is policies around record-sharing and talk about OCLCs changed policy concerning … Continue reading

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library 2.0: How do you share?

Libraries are supposed to be all about sharing. Granted there is the line between public library sharing of community resources and academic libraries that often have more archival purposes in their missions. That said, are we good sharers? Could we … Continue reading

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