why you can’t google a library book

The Guardian has a long article about what the mechanisms are that keep local library catalogs form being effectively spidered and Googleable. They dip into the complicated area that is policies around record-sharing and talk about OCLCs changed policy concerning WorldCat data. This policy, if you’ve been keeping close track, was slated to be effective in February and, thanks in no small part to the groundswell of opposition, is currently being delayed until at least third quarter 2009.

3 thoughts on “why you can’t google a library book

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  2. What has happened to RDA? I did a significant amount of study on RDA while in library school. Yet it seems to have vanished. Among the many goals of RDA was to make library catalogs google-able (or at least available on the open internet in some fashion).

  3. FYI, Guardian made an online ‘amendment’ to this article on January 30th.

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