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The Darien Statements on the Library and Librarians

I missed the summit type thing on the future of libraries in Darien a few weeks back so I’m really enjoying getting to read the work product from that meeting. I think sometimes our profession suffers from a lack of … Continue reading

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the plural of manifesto is?

I’ve liked the idea of manifestos since I started rattling the idea of an OPAC Manifesto a ways back [it was a wiki before everyone had a wiki, and I didn’t like being a wiki-mom so now it just has … Continue reading

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What We Want, The OPAC Manifesto

Andrew Pace reminds me that I used to have a wiki, way back when. This wiki was a place where, among other things, I had a roomshare page for ALA as well as the OPAC Manifesto which was going to … Continue reading

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