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a small foray into Google Books

You can use the date operator to browse public domain books in Google Books. I’m not entirely sure why the covers of some of these books remain under copyright. Any ideas? I’ve also noticed a few scanning errors and some … Continue reading

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Google Print, the beginning of atomized texts?

Google Print starts the scanners up again this week. What does Michael Gorman have to say about it? Is this the sort of thing that ALA needs to have a stated opinion about? Does ALA need to “get in the … Continue reading

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Open Library/Open Content Alliance announcement from Archive.org

Hi. This is the presentation that Andrea and I are watching right now in San Francisco. The Open Library. Brewster Kahle is talking now and doing a book scanning demonstration. I like how he says “librarians” a lot. Vision of … Continue reading

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Google print, a card catalog for the future?

Why EFF thinks Google Print Library is going to win the lawsuit brought by the Author’s Guild. The AG in turn has their own talking points about the case. Read the longer copyright analysis of the Google Print project if … Continue reading

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google print on hold, continued

Google Print Library going on hold over copyright is big news in our world. Copyfight followed up on the story. Of particular interest is the comments with people speculating on the copyright-kosherness of a publicly traded for-profit company freely scanning, … Continue reading

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