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the Kindle lending experience from a patron’s perspective “a wolf in book’s clothing”

[Kindle image by Tim Spalding, thanks Tim!] I went to a staff meeting on Friday at the local library where I sometimes work. We did some strategic planning, some walking around the building looking at stuff that could be improved, … Continue reading

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Harper Collins vs. Libraries – battling for the future of lending digital content

There are other where blogs you can read more about this. The upshot is that OverDrive sent out a “State of OverDrive” letter which had some concerning news in it. The Librarian in Black outlines the primary issues. The big … Continue reading

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two links from the internet and one from my life

BOFH stands for Bastard Operator From Hell. This entry is about vampire librarians, or something. Can architects save librarians from the Internet? Slashdot talking about Slate. ListenUpVermont, a project to get participating Vermont libraries together to be able to lend … Continue reading

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artificial scarcity of audiobooks

John Miedema, one of the Slow Library posse, has an excellent blog up called Slow Reading. He’s been talking about audiobooks lately and his recent installment concerns the patron experience with digital audiobooks. His library uses Overdrive. He is techie … Continue reading

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my first audiobook – a day in the life

I had a long day at work today. I went to teeny library number one and noticed their Internet wasn’t working. Apparently it had been down for days, a service guy was on the way. I climbed around under the … Continue reading

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