Hello Chronicle of Higher Ed readers/listeners

I knew something was up when I got an email from the President of the Vermont Library Association this morning saying “Wow nice podcast!”

I was pretty sure she wasn’t referring to the MetaFilter Podcast — though those are quite nice — so I emailed her back asking wtf as politely as I could. That’s how I learned that the interview I did with the Chronicle of Higher Education from a hotel room in Halifax (setting the alarm so I could be alert at 9:30, do I sound like I just woke up?) was part of the CHE podcast and was excerpted, along with the succinct commentary from many other “young librarians” (oh gosh, I laugh and laugh) including my pal Casey and other names you’ll recognize. I’m not entirely sure how to link to CHE articles for non-subscribers, but you can maybe see the article and the amusing iphone photo here. Apologies, as always, for swearing.

4 Responses to “Hello Chronicle of Higher Ed readers/listeners”

  1. K.G. Schneider Says:

    Whew, that article takes about four paragraphs to start its engine. Cool podcast though. Congrats!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Our print copy of Chronicle of Higher Education just arrived today – nice article!

  3. newbrarians and nerdbrarians « infomational Says:

    [...] what Jessamyn West and Casey Bisson (also featured) have to say about the [...]

  4. Patricia Says:

    You rock!