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summaries of USAPA hearings

beSpacific links to four articles written about yesterday’s hearings and notes their conflicintg headlines and conclusions.

USAPA Hearings, Day One

I was scanning some of the testimony from today’s hearings about renewing the USAPA. If you just want the updates, please read Declan over at News.com. If you’d like to really see what people had to say about it, perhaps…

just in time for National Library Week — USAPA hearings!

I’ve been seeing Declan McCullagh’s face staring back at me from the web a lot lately. His beat is technology and politics. Mine is usually technology, politics and the public sphere, aka libraries. Today he’s talking about the USA PATRIOT…

Has the PATRIOT Act been used or not?

The USA PATRIOT Act is never far from my mind. An ALA Councilor has urged the ALA to sign on with a bipartisan group called Patriots to Resore Checks and Balances. Congressman Bernie Sanders is still working on his bill…

quoted librarian explains herself

My pal Andrea got quoted by the Houston Chronicle talking about what Laura Bush the former librarian, should be telling her husband. She explains herself further in this post.