hi – 24apr

I’m polishing my Simmons talk today. I give a few types of talks regularly, but the talks are never the same. They can be loosely grouped as follows:

  • new technologies/ten tech tips for libraries
  • the information poor/digital divide and technology in libraries
  • social responsibiltiy and technology in libraries

Astute readers will recognize that, at their core, these talks all cover the same three topics with different weight given to each topic each time. Put another way they’re

  • TECHNOLOGY, politics, libraries
  • technology, politics, LIBRARIES
  • technology, POLITICS, libraries

I like giving talks, and I’m happy that I now have the time to really do it right. If you’d like me to come talk to your library, your library association or your group of library fans, read my faq and drop me a line.

my talk, unc 3/21

Both talks went well today. One was in the morning to an undergraduate information science class. High point: mentioning something about gopher sites and realizing that the students in the class were 7 years old when gopher was popular. The afternoon talk was larger, maybe 50 people, and may be available in streaming video one of these days. You can read all the notes from my talk here.