links about some good and bad things in libraryland

First off, I’d like to point out this question from Ask MetaFilter which asks the age old question “I am trying to automate my small school/church/club library. What software should I use?” I gave a few answers, as did a few other people, but the short answer is “There’s no good tool for this” as near as I can tell. Please let me know if I’m wrong.

A few more links people sent me over the last week or so.

hi – 11nov

Hi. I’m in Phoenix today, giving a talk tomorrow at University of Arizona’s SIRLS Graduate Student Symposium. Yesterday we did what I always do in new places, went to the library. We saw my friends’ suburban library the North Valley Regional Library and also the Burton Barr Central Library in Phoenix. I have a bunch of observations, it was a lesson in compare and contrast, but I’ll just link to a photo I took in the Phoenix public library parking lot.