hi – 03jan07

Hi — I’m pretty sure I’m finished with the redesign/retheming of librarian.net. The RSS feed will look a little different, but not much. The site looks cleaner and easier to use in my opinion. If you notice something missing or not working please let me know. If you do read the site only through RSS, you might want to stop by the place and take a look.

I just did a small retrospective at my personal blog about my last ten years of blogging. Yeah you read that right. I started jessamyn.com/journal (rss) January first 1997, in what feels now like a totally different life. I was out of library school but hadn’t been working as a librarian anyplace outside of the University of Washington. For a long time, my main web presence was at jessamyn.com and that didn’t change until the last three or four years. Now I’ve got four or maybe five little subsites spread all over the com/info/net universe and my work time is split between fixing little computers in little libraries and managing a large online community with a popular question answering site.

I’ll do a little “my library year in review” post this week, but I just wanted to note this little milestone here as well.