My tech-NOs

After Rochelle and Jenna and Laura. Some of these are by choice and some are just… weird broken parts of my brain but it hardly matters which now, does it?

  • I can’t set the time on the clock in my car and it’s set to some crazy time [i.e. not like an hour or two off]. I’d like to, but this time of year if I’m not driving the car it’s too cold to be in it. Erica?
  • My bank is in Washington state. While I do a lot of e-banking with them, I generally mail my paychecks to my bank to deposit them. This isn’t strictly technological in nature, but it’s definitely an old-fashionedness that looks like a tech-not.
  • I can barely use my cell phone. I can take a picture. I can make and receive phone calls. I can text, but I still try to answer it when someone is text messaging me. I like to think I’d be a better study if the thing worked in my house.
  • I have very little e-book curiosity. My interest in e-books is purely professional.
  • I have an iPod I rarely listen to. I have an iPhone I don’t use much (both were gifts). I like to have them, but I usually just listen to the radio in my car and iTunes on my laptop at home.
  • I have created more podcasts than I have listened to.
  • I don’t play online games much. I play Scrabulous (come find me on facebook!) and that’s pretty much it. When you have a job that’s online, spending more time there just doesn’t seem as appealing.
  • I use my TV to watch movies only, and even then pretty rarely. I was a Nielsen family earlier in the month and I sent the whole book back blank.
  • I don’t have voice mail, just an answering machine. No caller ID, so please tell me who you are when you call.
  • When I have to set the alarm to wake up, which happens rarely, I’m as likely to set it for PM as for AM. This is more of an absentminded professor thing than a tech-NO, but I’ve sortof never gotten the hang of setting an alarm on something without hands
  • And lastly, because I grew up in the country, I pretty much don’t understand locks. I have a heck of a time with any door that locks, remembering which direction to turn the key, or rememebring my keys period.

I can do pretty much anything with any sort of computer, but that doesn’t mean I know everything or do everything with technology. How about you?

National Library Week and National Library Workers’ Day

This week is National Library Week. Tuesday is National Library Worker’s Day thanks to a Council resolution proposed by my pal Jenna Freedman of RadRef fame. Apparently the national Library Workers’ Day buttons are sold out but from what I can see they were that weird red, white and blue clunky design anyhow.

More from me on this weeklong library celebration this week, today I’m tired from helping install library printers, teaching email to great-grandmothers [there are two in my email class!], helping senior citizens buy laptops, and reassuring a librarian that she wasn’t breaking the law by making a replacement casette tape for one of a four-tape set that had broken.