National Library Week and National Library Workers’ Day

This week is National Library Week. Tuesday is National Library Worker’s Day thanks to a Council resolution proposed by my pal Jenna Freedman of RadRef fame. Apparently the national Library Workers’ Day buttons are sold out but from what I can see they were that weird red, white and blue clunky design anyhow.

More from me on this weeklong library celebration this week, today I’m tired from helping install library printers, teaching email to great-grandmothers [there are two in my email class!], helping senior citizens buy laptops, and reassuring a librarian that she wasn’t breaking the law by making a replacement casette tape for one of a four-tape set that had broken.

2 comments for “National Library Week and National Library Workers’ Day

  1. Ben
    04Apr06 at 9:33

    Um, I hate to say this, but if you circulate that cassette you *are* breaking the law. And if you can get it at a fair price then making the copy is breaking the law.

    Of course, your secret is safe with me.

  2. 04Apr06 at 12:39

    Perhaps I misspoke, I said to her that she was unlikely to go to jail and that I personally sanctioned what she was doing even though I was aware that there was a legal issue that she was probably afoul of.

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