British Library

The British Library is quite near to King’s Cross station and I’m sure many people are concerned for their welfare in addition to the many others affected by today’s tragedy. They posted a brief update to their main page, which I think is something that all libraries should be able to do in case of an emergency. Apparently they locked the building down. Oddly this isn’t the only story about the British Library with the word tragedy in the headlines today. A British Library spokesperson had this to say:

“Kings Cross and Euston is cordoned off. “Police have advised us strongly that people stay where they are. There are staff and readers inside. We don’t know if we will be open tomorrow. We are discussing contingency plans.”

Update: The British Library has an update on their services available today here.

when is a blog not a blog?

Small update and interesting sidenote. Even though the web4lib content is being presented in blog format, it’s not really a blog. That is, you can’t comment using the comment form without being a list member. Not that this is a bad thing, but it is definitely a repurposing of the blog format in a way that produces unexpected results. Anyone who doesn’t know about web4lib should read up on it. Maybe it’s the librarian in me, but I think the list of guidelines for list behavior is sane, thoughful and thorough.