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gorman, coda

Incoming ALA President Michael Gorman’s last line in his [brief] inaugural address: “My completed remarks will be on my blog in the morning.” Classic.

ALA bloggers list

Meredith’s ALA blog has a list of people who will be blogging at the ALA Conference. I leave tomorrow. My schedule is here. I like meeting folks, though my time is getting pretty well-spoken for. If you see me in…

rory on blogs

Rory has an essay worth reading on the blog people thing. Of particular note are two points. His quote “Library Juice is not a blog, but I will wear a “blog person” button if you send me one.” points to…

Gorman, two more

Two more quick Gorman sightings: Michael from TTW assures Mr Gorman he is not “thin skinned” and Jane’s post about leadership and how she thinks Michael Gorman possibly wasn’t exhibiting enough of it.