Another talk: why libraries are the best thing

its a great time to be in libraries

I really never thought that I would turn into someone who gave “pep rally” type talks, but I was asked to come to the Somerville Public Library and give a short, inspirational talk to their friends group at their annual appreciation day and was told I could talk about whatever I wanted. As you may have realized by now, this makes my little activist heart grow three sizes and inspires good work (in my opinion). This is the talk I gave and I am very happy with it. The library posted this summary of the talk (there’s no audio/video other than some blurry photos) which I think is pretty right on.

One thought on “Another talk: why libraries are the best thing

  1. Awesome “kick in the pants” type talk. Apols no video…
    Did everyone know that the Library Bill of Rights turned 75 last week?? No, you don’t – because you didn’t attend this whiz-bang lecture… #internetfamous #youmissedit #rootbeerfloats

    thx boss!
    (from Friends of Somerville Public Library

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