Another talk: why libraries are the best thing

its a great time to be in libraries

I really never thought that I would turn into someone who gave “pep rally” type talks, but I was asked to come to the Somerville Public Library and give a short, inspirational talk to their friends group at their annual appreciation day and was told I could talk about whatever I wanted. As you may have realized by now, this makes my little activist heart grow three sizes and inspires good work (in my opinion). This is the talk I gave and I am very happy with it. The library posted this summary of the talk (there’s no audio/video other than some blurry photos) which I think is pretty right on.

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  1. 30Jun14 at 8:21

    Awesome “kick in the pants” type talk. Apols no video…
    Did everyone know that the Library Bill of Rights turned 75 last week?? No, you don’t – because you didn’t attend this whiz-bang lecture… #internetfamous #youmissedit #rootbeerfloats

    thx boss!
    (from Friends of Somerville Public Library

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