Oregon Virtual Reference Summit, my talk, on Vimeo

Here’s the video of me talking about Ask MetaFilter and online Q&A stuff that I gave at the Oregon Virtual Reference Summit. I included the slides a few days ago, but here’s the actual video of the talk, as presented. Big thanks to Caleb Tucker-Raymond for making this video up. You might also like Emily Ford’s lightning talk: What Libraries Can Learn From Kanye.

3 thoughts on “Oregon Virtual Reference Summit, my talk, on Vimeo

  1. That’s an interesting talk (and a long one for having so little text on the slides–yay for knowing how to do presentations!)

  2. There are a LOT of words on my presenter notes which led to some trouble when it looked like I wasn’t going to be able to speak with my laptop next to me. If you d/l the PDF you can see the text of my talk and how much I varied from it.

  3. We loved having you in Oregon. Thanks for coming. And thanks for the plug on the Kanye bit!

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