Some upcoming travel – please say hi

Speaking at library and library-type conferences seems to mostly keep me busy for March – May and October – November. This week I’ll be headed down to Danvers MA for MLA and then on to Stamford CT for CLA. In both cases I’m speaking but also trying to attend as much of the conferences as I can given my night owl tendencies. Here’s where I’ll be, please say hi if you see me, or come to one of my talks.

    MLA – Thursday the 28th at 1 pm – I’ll be on the Future of Libraries, or, What the Heck are You Thinking? panel along with Scot Colford, Kieth Michael Fiels and Maureen Sullivan which is sure to be interesting and probably fun.

  • MLA – Friday the 29th at 10:30 I’ll be talking about Curriculum Development for Public Libraries along with Anna Fahey-Flynn from BPL. Sort of a new direction and I’m looking forward to it.
  • CLA – Tuesday May 3rd at 2:40 I’ll be talking about the myths we believe about the digital divide and offer some researched based statistics as to what’s really going on.

In june I’ll be doing a talk for NELA-ITS and heading over to Oregon for the Oregon Virtual Reference Summit in The Dalles. This is all a good way to channel fidgets since I’m all “EEeeeeee” waiting for my book to come out. Thanks in advance for saying hello.

5 thoughts on “Some upcoming travel – please say hi

  1. Hi Jessamyn,

    Do you know if your MLA sessions will be videotaped and posted? Maybe just for members’ use? Thank you. Shannon

  2. Hi Shannon, no idea. You could contact Michael Colford about that. I know I’ll have links to my slides and notes available after the talk and I’ll link to them here.

  3. I looked at this post quickly and thought you were going to be at the Canadian Library Association conference in May ( Too bad that’s not the case! I won’t be coming down to any American conferences this year, but hopefully our paths will cross again soon.

  4. Yeah, *when* is that book coming out?! Or was that the sound of another deadline that just went whooshing by? ;-)

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