UC’s polite Nature Publishing Group boycott request

The Awl reports:

Dear Members of the UCLA Faculty,

Please see the attached document regarding a possible boycott of Nature Publishing Group journals by UC faculty. We urge you to read this important update, which has been jointly prepared by the University Libraries and the University Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication. Please contact me directly with your comments and concerns.

Gary E. Strong
UCLA University Librarian

[via the infodiva]

2 thoughts on “UC’s polite Nature Publishing Group boycott request

  1. On behalf of Nature Publishing Group:
    We understand that the letter from University of California and California Digital Library has raised concerns. However, we believe that the situation was not described fairly by CDL.
    We have now issued a public statement on this matter, where we have fully described our understanding and position. You can find our statement here: http://www.nature.com/press_releases/cdl.html
    Nature Publishing Group will be doing all we can to bring this to a successful conclusion as soon as possible.
    Grace Baynes
    Nature Publishing Group

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