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I was interested to read the Miss Manners column where someone complains about a rude librarian. I usally enjoy Miss Manners but was a little bummed to see her playing out old tired stereotypes, but I did enjoy the comments (yes, one of which is mine) telling her that librarianship is more complicated than she thinks. [click “Read More” to get at the comments]

8 thoughts on “miss manners misses

  1. But actually, my reading is that Ms. Manners says that librarianship requires technological sophistication – she’s suggesting the response from the annoyed patron as a way to get back at her.

  2. Stereotypes aside, it’s weird to me that Ms. Manners is telling someone to be rude.

  3. I may be picking nits but want to point out that library patrons refer to anyone who works in a library as a “librarian” and it may well be that the offending person was a volunteer or a clerk — classes of library help that rarely get ethics training.

  4. Robin, that is exactly what I was thinking. I would venture to guess that very few librarians actually work the circulation desk. Now, if it was a small library….

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