my library school sure has changed

Not only is it now an iSchool, and they’re offering an MLIS [among other degrees. I have an MLib] but they’re making information accessible and popular. Enjoy this Lady Gaga sendup. Watch for the Nancy Pearl cameo. Awesome job folks. I really should go back for my PhD. Some discussion and adoration on BoingBoing. [via]

5 comments for “my library school sure has changed

  1. 30May10 at 2:49

    jajajajaja, great!! really amazing! Congratulations, it’s a good job. Thanks for making me laugh so much with your brilliant staging. The lyric conversion is so witty.


  2. 01Jun10 at 9:11

    Don’t forget the databases…

    Happy to see a banjo!

  3. suzanne
    01Jun10 at 12:44

    It was much better than Cats! No, I am not kidding. Infotainment!

    “This keyword search it gives you way too many hits
    Boolean limits pare things down to just what fits.”

    Nice work Sarah and the iSchool!

  4. 04Jun10 at 7:11

    Very funny.It makes me laugh loud while watching the video. :))

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